Secondment Blog

Secondments and the CRISTAL-ISE project.

Through out the project academic researchers and commercial engineers will undertake secondments from their own organisations to a host institution to experience a different type of working environment, obtain new skills and training and develop future career skills.  The secondments will meet the primary aims of CRISTAL-ISE which are

  • development of Early Stage Researchers (academic and commercial)
  • facilitating bi-directional knowledge transfer between sectors (academic and commercial) and cultivating close collaboration between partners
  • fostering new strategic partnerships and wider participation with European software suppliers and users
  • to develop advanced knowledge of the CRISTAL Kernel in the ALPHA-3i and M1i research teams and to progress new technical skills at University of the West of England (UWE)

During their secondments our researchers and engineers will be keeping a blog. To read about their experiences please visit the CRISTAL-ISE blog