CRISTAL – Open Source Launch October 2014

On 15th October 2014 we launched CRISTAL, the data tracking software the project is developing, as Open Source, meaning that the source code is now freely available for developers and researchers to work with.


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The launch event was held at CERN where the original version of CRISTAL was developed in the 1990s and was well attended by people from industry and the research community. The day consisted of presentations from CRISTAL co-inventors, Professor Richard McClatchey, Dr Jean-Marie Le Goff and Andrew Branson, as well as an overview from the CEO of M1i, Patrick Emin, on how they as a company utilise CRISTAL with  Agilium software.

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Afternoon sessions included introductions to Agilium-NG with Olivier Gattaz (M1i) and Patrick Emin (CEO M1i), and CIMAG-RA with Dr Florent Martin (Alpha-3i) and Pierre Bornand (CEO Alpha-3i). Dr Jetendr Shamdasani presented further applications of CRISTAL within the N4U and neuGRID projects.

For the more technically minded an afternoon tutorial was provided by Andrew Branson and, developer, Dr Zsolt Kovacs, which demonstrated how to implement, and work with, CRISTAL.


A poster exhibition held alongside the event provided an opportunity for guests to read some of the academic posters and papers that have been produced as part of the CRISTAL-iSE project and find out more about the companies and organisations involved.

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Attendees were provided with a copy of CRISTAL to take away to ‘play’ with alongside information about the project, CRISTAL flyer . A dedicated Open Source website  and Github will also support developers and those interested in how CRISTAL can help them, where you can also download CRISTAL.

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The launch was featured in the CERN bulletin . The event’s agenda and scientific programme are available here. The event was organised by Dr Jetendr Shamdasani and Professor Richard McClatchey with assistance from members of the CRISTAL-iSE team (Becky Gooby, Sandra Massonnat, Coralie Blanc and the rest of CRISTAL-iSE)

It was a really positive day, with lots of networking, croissants, coffee and plenty of interesting discussions.

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