UWE is one of the inventors of the CRISTAL software (in collaboration with CERN and CNRS). It is a technological university in the UK with long-standing industrial links and a knowledge exchange ethos and it retains the technical know-how required to enhance CRISTAL. UWE seeks to gain experience of commercial software development in collaboration with M1i and product exploitation in collaboration with Alpha-3i.




Since 2007 the M1i company has been marketing the CRISTAL kernel, under the product name Agilium in Europe for Business Process Monitoring applications across commercial domains. Currently they use a subset of the CRISTAL functionality and would like to extend their use to a semantically richer version of CRISTAL.




Born in activity time management presence of Sopra Group in 1996, ALPHA-3i integrated from its inception, an experienced team involved for many years in the acquisition and management of data for monitoring manufacturing, the badging and physical access control. The involvement of Sopra in this project has also resulted in its shareholding and board of ALPHA-3i and development, since it is a very technical and commercial collaboration.

Alpha3i has a developer network operation to build strong technology and strategic partnerships with key players in the Rhône-Alpes region (manufacturers, publishers, academics), ALPHA-3i in 2001 in the creation of the ERA club, publishers association Rhônalpins . This structure has merged in early 2009 with the Cluster approach taken by the region and dedicated to editing software. ALPHA-3i is involved in this process and serves on the Board of Directors of the Cluster Edit.

Our expertise is aimed at both SMEs and large enterprises for any industry. Today 300 sites are using our software.

An effort of R & D efforts and commitments within organizations are active in the development of publishing software, allow us to offer innovative and customized solutions to current information systems. Among the achievements brought by the Cluster Edit ALPHA-3i is engaged in a project to integrate software solutions in the field of MES (Manufacturing Executing System). This approach based on an architecture-driven process information system integrates the S95 standard and the use of innovative technologies for interoperability.