The CRISTAL-ISE is an Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways – Marie Curie Actions project, funded by the European Union. The primary purpose of the project is to foster cross border collaboration across Academia and Industry. It  consists of three main project partners which are the University of the West of England (UWE, Bristol, England), M1i Sarl (Annecy, France) and ALPHA3i (Rumilly, France). The primary focus of the project is to develop long lasting and beneficial collaboration across the partners using the CRISTAL software as a basis for this.


Project Objectives

The following specific objectives will be met:
  • To develop research and development expertise of the CRISTAL kernel in the M1i company in the context of the Alpha3i market and to enable the transfer of new and future academic research into the M1i and Alpha3i commercial domains;
  • To enable researchers from UWE, particularly younger researchers, to benefit from the opportunity of working in a European development environment and to experience the practical application of their research ideas in a commercial setting;
  • To provide, in particular, an enhanced version of the CRISTAL kernel with improved modelling potential that can capture customers’ usage patterns so that multiple instances of those kernels can discover information about each other and facilitate their inter-operation across commercial domains;
  • To develop new research directions for future product development of the CRISTAL /Agilium software including applications for interoperation between user sites, the capture of provenance and simulation data and the inclusion of domain semantics and to demonstrate this in the context of the Alpha3i product environment;
  • To enable the effective exchange of knowledge and technology between participants and to provide mutual benefit for the collaboration;
  • To expose cross-cultural and cross-sectoral work habits, methodologies and work processes to all project participants and:
  • To provide the basis of future, sustainable European collaboration between the participants in the area of CRISTAL /Agilium research and development